* Quoted from Ausberg’s 49-year-old Book of Work titled * * “THE LAST LECTURE” * * (Last Lecture) * which became one of the best-selling books in 2007. “” * KEY TO MAKE YOUR BETTER LIFE, *  consists of *–Personality,* * – Community * and * – Life. * Here’s the explanation:    * A. PERSONALITY:* * 1 *. Do not compare your life with others because you never know what they’ve been through and feel. * 2. * Do not think negatively of things that are beyond your control, but channel your energy into the life you are living right now, positively * 3. * Do not work too hard, do not cross your limitations. * 4 *. Do not force yourself to always be perfect, no one is perfect. * 5. * Do not waste your valuable time for gossip. * 6 *. Dream when you wake up (not while asleep). * 7 *. Envy is a waste of time, you already have all your needs. * 8 *. Forget the past. Do not bring up the mistakes of relatives, spouses and friends in the past. It will damage your happiness right now. * * * Life is too short to hate whoever it is. Never hate. * 10 *. Align with your past so that it does not interfere with your present. * 11 *. No one is responsible for your happiness except you.   * 12 *. Realize that life is school, and you are here as a student. Problems are part of a curriculum that comes and goes like an algebra class (mathematics) but, a lesson that you can last a lifetime. * 13 *. Smile and laugh as often as possible so you can enjoy life more * 14 *. You can not always excel in dissent. Learn to accept defeat and tolerate       * B. COMMUNITY: * * 15. * Contact your family as often as possible * 16 *. Every day give something good to others. * 17 *. Forgive everyone for everything * 18. * Spend time with people over the age of 70 and under 6 years. * 19 *. Try to make at least 3 people smile every day. * 20. * What others think about you is not your concern. That’s their business. Do not think about it. * 21 *. Your work will not take care of you when you are sick, but your family and friends. Keep in touch with them and your environment.           C. LIFE: * * 22 *. Make God the first in every thought, word, and deed. * 23. * God heals everything. * 24. * Do the right thing. * 25. * As good or bad as any situation, it will change. * 26 *. No matter how you feel, wake up, dress, and move! * 27. * The best has not arrived yet, but just enjoy it. * 28 *. Dispose of anything that is not useful, not beautiful, or grieving. * 29. * When you wake up in the morning, thank God for it. * 30. * If you know God, you will always rejoice. So, be happy. Death not waiting Old. Dead does not wait for pain. Enjoy life…. Before life can no longer be enjoyed. *My best friend !,* * When reading and finished listening to all the above, we ask my best friend to share this paper to the “people” we love, “friends” of our game, “office colleagues, friends in childhood / adolescence and “people” who live with us.

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